Page speed Monitoring

Monitor the metrics that matters. Performance, SEO, Best practices, Accessibility, PWA and more and take actions on the metrics.

  • All the metrics

    Various metrics such as Performance, Search Engine Optimization, Accessibility, Best practices, and Progressive Web App are taken into account for your webpage performance monitoring. Also speed index, first meaningful paint, first contentful paint, first CPU idle, etc.

  • Threshold alerts

    You can set your own metrics score as a scale, and whenever we find your scores are less than whatever you have expected, we will notify you right away about the difference. This helps you to work towards improving your application performance.

  • Compare with previous reports

    With every report, you can compare how much scores change from previous scans. Also, graph representation presents your historical data, up to 6 months. This will help you understand your website journey.

  • Powered by Lighthouse

    Raileo is integrated with Google Lighthouse to perform the pagespeed scan. Pagespeed scan uses Lighthouse under the hood and has audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web app, best practices, search engine optimization and more.

  • Tips on improvements

    After every Pagespeed scan you wil be given tips on how to improve your website performance. These tips will cover how to improve SEO, accessibility, improve page load, performance, optimizing third party library, etc..

  • API

    We provide an awesome, easy to use API for you so that you can integrate the Raileo endpoints to your application. You can run pagespeed scans, fetch results, and include the results in your application.