Status Page

Customizable, informative and simple status page for your websites

Multiple Websites, One Status Page

You can add all your Website monitoring details in one single status page, no need to have different status page for all the websites.


You can customize status page with custom colors, fonts etc.. Custom logo can be added to your status page to highlight your brand.

Maintenance mode

Are you running maintenance on your system? Show customers about the maintenance window through status page


Create incidents to let your users know about the reason for downtimes or service unavailability. Incidents are easy to create and you can show progress of incidents with different status.


Need to communicate to users about future changes or anything else? We got you convered with announcements. You can created unlimited of them and showcase on status page.

Want to host your own status page ?

We have fully fledged API to power your status page
Checkout the API Docs