Website Uptime Monitoring

Downtime can occur anytime for whatever reason. With the help of Raileo uptime monitoring, get alerted whenever downtime happens to your website.

Multiple intervals

Raileo gives you the freedom of choosing how often you want to check your website. Intervals include 15 minutes, hourly, daily and weekly monitoring depending upon your monitoring needs.

Response time monitoring

If your website takes longer to respond, we can alert you. You can set a custom expected response time, and whenever your website takes more time to respond than the mentioned time, we will notify you immediately.

Ignore response codes

By default, we'll send you a "website down" notification if the response code is > 399. But if you are expecting a response code > 399, 401 for example, you can add this to the dashboard and we consider 401 as expected

Snooze 'em

Raileo comes with the SNOOZE monitoring feature, which can be helpful in multiple scenarios. You can snooze your monitoring for a specified period in the settings.

Be notified

Currently packed with powerful Slack, Email and webhook integrations, you will receive your downtime notification to your inbox without any delay at all.


For every status page, you can have incidents and maintenance notifications as announcements, so that your users will be aware of the changes that are happening from your side.

Multiple locations

To avoid any false positives, we have integrated multiple server uptime checks in the system. If your website is identified as down, we will check from another location to confirm this and you will be notified after this.


We provide an awesome, easy to use API for you. You can consume the data from Raileo about your websites and integrate them into your applications.

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