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Raileo makes it easy to monitor your website downtime, SSL expiry, website performance, SEO and a lot more

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Uptime monitoring

Your website is being online is a key component for your business. Raileo helps you to monitor your website's availability, and notify you if your website goes down.

From multiple check locations across the globe to custom HTTP requests, we have created a powerful platform for your monitoring needs.

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uptime monitoring includes website is up or not, keyword monitoring from multiple locations

Pagespeed monitoring

Powered by Lighthouse, Pagespeed helps you to understand various performance spectrum of your website.

Monitoring performance, accessibility, SEO helps you to provide a healthy website for your customers.

Raileo provides rich insights to you, how your website is performing in all these aspects.

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Raileo pagespeed monitoring includes performance, SEO, best practices, accessibility and web vitals

Certificate monitoring

A secure website is not a luxury anymore, it plays an important role in security and search engine rankings.

Raileo helps you to keep an eye on your SSL certificate, remind you of the expiry and any problems associated with your SSL Certificate.

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SSL certificate monitoring helps you to keep track of your website SSL


All the features your team need

With our extensive feature kit, you and your team will find Raileo to complete the monitoring needs.

  • Bring your team

    You can invite unlimited team members to your team, no restrictions at all. Assign different roles to your team members to access the dashboard.

  • team based billing

    You will be billed based on your team, gives you the freedom to keep your project and client billing separately.

  • Powerful API

    Everything does not have to happen in our dashboard. We have a powerful API in place, you can integrate Raileo with your favorite workflows.

  • Keyword monitoring

    Keyword monitoring helps you to check if a specific keyword present in your website. It helps you to make sure a bad commit doesn't mess up your website.

  • Pagespeed insights

    Pagespeed insights monitor includes performance, SEO, accessibility, best practices, etc.. All crucial metrics are covered so that you can have a powerful website.

  • Maintenance period

    Maintenance period helps you to pause the monitoring for a specific period of time, which can be helpful during your deployment intervals. Maintenance settings go hand in hand with status pages.

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