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Raileo webpage performance

Pagespeed monitoring powered by Lighthouse

Raileo explains about Pagespeed

What is Pagespeed ?

Pagespeed is a tool from Google which helps to analyze the performance of webpages. Using the Pagespeed with Lighthouse under the hood, Raileo helps you to understand how your website scores in terms of performance, SEO, best practices, Progressive Web App, etc..

Raileo explains about why you should monitor your website

Why should I monitor?

Your website's health and performance play an important role in serving the users in a better way. Understanding the scores and working towards increasing the performance of the webpages can improve customer experience and search engine ranking as well.

Raileo presents a compehensive dashboard

Comprehensive Dashboard

Raileo dashboard helps you understand how your website's performance changes over time. Comparison is made for all the metrics such as Speed Index, first meaningful paint, first contentful paint, time to interact, etc..

Metrics you care about


Performance score calculated based on various metrics such as First contentful paint, first meaningful paint, speed index, etc.. Understanding these metrics your website stays top on performant websites. Read more

Progressive web app

Progressive web app(PWA) enhances the user experience by loading the website instantly, provide quick response to user interactions and makes the website experience more engaging. Read more


SEO ensures that your website is optimized for search engines result ranking. Better SEO practices help search engine crawlers understand your website content in a better way and rank your website. Read more

Accessibility & Best Practices

Accessibility and best practices check to ensure your website offers the best user experience to your website visitors. This check goes beyond the normal checks and monitors your website is ready for all types of visitors. Read more

Easy to get started

  • 1 Signup

    Signup to the platform using your email id or Github.

  • 2 Add URLs

    Add your webpage URLs to the dashboard. You can run pagespeed scans against these URLs

  • 3 Get Pagespeed API

    Generate a Pagespeed API from Google website. If you have an account, it should take less than 30 seconds. Here's a link to Google console

  • 4 Run Pagespeed Scans

    Once you have the API key and URLs in place, you can start with pagespeed scans. After running the scan, you can see the comprehensive scan report.
    If you added Slack Webhook URL, you will receive a summary of your report as a Slack notification as well.

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