Status Pages


Status Pages helps you to communicate with your customers about your website status, and incidents. Announcements, incidents, outages and maintenance details can be shown in the status pages, which will give enough information to your visitors about your website activity.

Custom domain vs Raileo subdomain

While creating the status page, you can create your status page as a raileo subdomain, something like or add your own domain Once your website visitor comes to either of this URL you have added, Status Page of the associated websites will be shown.

{info} For adding your own domain such as, you should have the CNAME mapping to


Incidents helps you to communicate with your visitors about upcoming maintenanc eactivities, outages etc..

Following are the available incident types,

  • Maintenance
  • Incident
  • Outage
  • Informational

Private Status Page

Private Status Pages are useful to share the page within your company or collegues. These private pages are password protected, and you can handle these option in the dashboard.

{info} While creating the status page, you can make the status page private with a password. Once the password is entered, it will not be revealed again. If you forget the saved password, you can create a new password which will overwrite the old password.