With Raileo uptime monitoring, you can check your website availability and get notified when your website goes offline.

Raileo uptime check offers various features , such

  • Multiple interval for uptime check
  • Response time monitoring
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Expected HTTP status code check
  • Check from location of your choice

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Multiple interval for uptime check

You can choose your preferred monitoring interval from the given options. Intervals include, 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute etc..

{info} If you choose 1 Minute interval, your website will be checked every 1 minute

Response time monitoring

While checking the uptime, we record the response time for your wbesite as well. If you have enabled, response time alerting, we will send you a notifications if response time exceeds the number you have mentioned.

{info} Response time threshold is mentioned in milliseconds (ms)

Expected status code check

It's not necessary that your website should return 200 OK as response. Sometimes you want to make sure that your website return 401 Unauthorized and the resource is forbidden.

You can choose your own expected HTTP status code, while checking uptime if we don't receive the specified HTTP status code, we consider the website as down.

Uptime check location

We provide data center from different location, you can choose one among your preference for uptime check. This is helpful if your website visitors are mainly from a specific regions.

Current locations include,

  • North Virginia, United States (
  • Sydney, Australia (
  • Mumbai, India (

Maintenance Period

Maintenance periods can be useful when you have maintenance activities going on your website, and not Raileo do any monitoring during this time. While creating maintenance periods, you can select the affected websites which indicates, those websites need not to be monitored.

{info} A start time and end time can be entered for maintenance period, Raileo will stop monitoring your website during this time period.

You can also post your maintenance activities to your status pages. Read more about status pages here

Delay Notifications

Delay notifications will helps to avoid false positives. This is how it works,

  1. Your website did not respond with the expected HTTP code
  2. Instead of sending downtime notifications, we wait for 2 minutes
  3. After 2 minutes, we check again whether the website is down
  4. If it is still down, we will send you notificatons and mark website as down
  5. If it is not down after 2 minutes, well and good :)

{info} You can customize the delay notification minutes in the uptime settings of your website.