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3 years ago

New Raileo is better, faster, and robust. These are the 3 key things we had in our minds during this upgrade. In this blog post, we'll explain what are the improvements and enhancements we shipped with this new update.

Uptime monitoring

  • We now support HTTP Methods such as PUT, POST, DELETE, and PATCH along with GET
  • We have 3 regions (more on the way), for you to choose for your uptime and SSL monitoring
  • Add custom HTTP headers with uptime monitoring request
  • Keyword monitoring helps you to identify whether a text/keyword present in your website
  • More control over request timeout and response time threshold.

SSL monitoring

  • Similar to uptime monitoring, you can choose your preferred location for this check
  • More control over expiration notifications interval

Pagespeed monitoring

We are very thrilled about this upgrade. Using the lighthouse tool will gather a lot of data, and sometimes users find it very hard to make anything out of it. We've simplified this by arranging the data and providing an elegant API. You can read more about this on our docs.

  • You are in control of what to monitor. You can choose among performance, best practices, accessibility, search engine optimization, and progressive web app check, or all of them :)
  • More control over expiration notifications interval
  • Redesigned dashboard to focus more on the important matrices
  • Super cool API

Phew.. that's a lot... Take a deep breath if you'd like


This is one another upgrade we wanted to include for quite some time, and now it's here

  • You can create unlimited teams, each team will have different subscriptions
  • You can invite unlimited members to your team, there's no limit whatsoever.
  • You can assign permissions to each of your team members.


This is one another area where we have done some major upgrade

  • Manage your notifications preferences at the team level and website level.
  • Control the events on which you want to receive notifications, such as downtime, certificate expiry, etc.
  • Currently, we support Email, Webhook, Slack and Discord notification channels, and more on the way.

Maintenance Period

  • The maintenance period has become more flexible and intelligent. You can create an unlimited number of maintenance periods, and we will not monitor your website during these periods
  • Once we have Status Pages in place (almost ready), maintenance periods will go hand in hand with the status pages.
We will be sharing more blogs about these changes in detail.

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