Uptime monitoring, SSL expiry notifications with Raileo

03 Dec 2019

November was a crazy month for Raileo. We took some bold decisions, and we'll explain them here.

Raileo was started as a performance monitoring tool for websites. The idea was to offer easy setup, automated performance monitoring for websites at a free/affordable cost.

After a month into the launch, we felt that the app was limited and too narrow, and we could cover more scenarios. If people are to use Raileo, they should be able to cover more when it comes to website monitoring. That's when we decided to add more features and scale the platform. 

Uptime Monitoring or Downtime Monitoring

The name could be confusing :). You could say you are tracking the downtimes happen to the website or times the website was up. The name is not that important.

With Raileo uptime monitoring, you can add your website URL into the platform and we check the website availability at different intervals. You can choose from predefined intervals, and we will send out a notification via email and slack whenever we get an error while checking your website. 

The interesting thing, while we check your website's health, if we face an error, we check again from a different location, just to be sure. Only after the second check fails, you will be notified (there is room for improvements here.)


SSL Monitoring

With free services like Let's Encrypt, it's not hard to get an SSL certificate for your website, and it is very much advised that you should get one. 

With Raileo SSL monitoring service, we check the SSL expiry details of your website and we notify you if your website SSL is about to expire. This should give you a heads up to renew the SSL certificate. We start sending notifications when expiry days is less than 28 days (not every day after 28 days. 28, 14,7, 3, 2, 1)


Automated Pagespeed Monitoring

Previously we provided an option to check your website performance manually. With the November edition, we shipped an automated version of pagespeed monitoring. You can set up the URL and frequency for performance monitoring and sit back. We will perform the tasks based on the frequency and you will receive email and slack notification with metrics scores. 


Raileo is transitioning for the performance monitoring tool to an ecosystem for website monitoring. We are working on some awesome improvements such as Developer API and more notification channels. 


That's it for now. Cheers!

Image courtesy - rawpixel.com