Raileo Subscription plan, Status page, more regions

03 Feb 2020

Hello there, 

It's a pleasure to write this blog to share the good news. 

Subscription plans

We now have a paid plan for the super users and we call it the "PLUS" plan. With this new plan, you will get more quota in URL monitoring. 

A more detailed breakup of the plan is available on the pricing page. Once you are subscribed to the plan, your plan will be automatically renewed after a month. You can always cancel your plan without any limitations.

We still have the FREE plan and it is going nowhere. Paid plans are targeted for people who have more websites to monitor and looking for premium support.


Status Page Customization

You can customize your status page to stand out in the crowd. Current customizations include,

  1. Font selection fro pre-defined collection
  2. Header background-color
  3. Header text color


Monitoring from more locations

Currently, 3 regions are available for website monitoring. 

  1. Singapore
  2. North Virginia, US
  3. Ireland


Is your website down check free tool

Adding to our collection of free tools, now you can check if a website is down or not from 3 different locations. This is a free tool and requires no signup. 

Check is it down for FREE


That's it for now. Thanks for reading. 

Image courtesy -katemangostar - rawpixel.com