Raileo release alert - Graph interval and updated slack notification

13 Sep 2019

We are constantly trying to improve the Raileo experience. As a part of this mission, we are adding new features and doing bug fixes regularly.

In this release V 1.2, we are adding some features to extend the existing functionalities.


Filter your scan results based on given intervals

When you go through your webpage score graphical data, now you can filter them using date intervals. At the moment, 4 options are given.

  1. Past 7 days
  2. Past month
  3. Past 3 months
  4. Past 1 year


Added more information on scan outgoing Slack notification

If you have added a Slack webhook notification, you will brief scan results report on your slack channel. In this release, we added some more scores such as First CPU idle, scan notes.


Some insights about website performance while running the scan

When you run the scan, now you will be delighted with some insights about website performance. Such as how important is webpage optimization and how user behavior is related to your website performance.


Here's an example

 Website average Speed Index Should Be Three Seconds Or Less 

Thanks for using Raileo. Do let us know if you like any feature/enhancement in Raileo at hi@raileo.com.


Image courtesy -katemangostar - www.freepik.com