Raileo is here

01 Sep 2019

Raileo is a simple tool  which can be used to run scans on your webpages to score various metrics.


What Raileo does?

Raileo scans your webpage and sees how your webpage score in performance, search engine optimizations (SEO), best practices, accessibility and progressive web app (PWA).


How Raileo can be useful to you?

A better performing website is an awesome website. If the website loads fast and does well, everyone is happy. With Raileo you can analyze these impacting metrics and keep track of your records.

You can see what website updates changes your score and how impactful it is.


What features Raileo offers?

  1. Add URLs and run scans
  2. Receive slack notifications about your webpage scores
  3. Compare your current webpage scores with previous scores


Anything else?

We are working towards making Raileo awesome. Keep an eye on our roadmap page and our blog to be in the know of new features and announcements.


That's all for now. Use Raileo and let us know what you think. It's free for now (we might charge something for the premium features in the future.)


Image courtesy - rawpixel.com - www.freepik.com