Raileo Features explained

02 Sep 2019

Raileo helps you to analyze your website performance, search engine optimization, best practices, accessibility, and progressive web app checks. These checks can be useful to see how well your website performs in desktop and mobile devices.


Below are some of the features you can use in Raileo.


  1. In the free plan, you can add up to 3 URLs.
  2. In every 24 hours, you can run a maximum of 3 scans against any of the URLs.
  3. All of your scan history and data will be saved forever.
  4. If you ran multiple scans for a URL, you can see how your scores changed over time. We have informative indicators of the score changes.
  5. If you have a slack channel, you can configure the Slack webhook URL and add it to Raileo. After every webpage analysis is completed, we'll send a score summary to your Slack channel.


We are always working towards making Raileo an awesome platform. And we will keep adding new features. If you want to see what we are planning, keep an eye on our Roadmap page.

Image courtesy - katemangostar - www.freepik.com